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Hemalytic Anemia

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I was just wondering if anyone has dealt with hemalytic anemia here. I know iron deficiency anemia is common with Celiac, but I don't know anything about this.

I have an appointment with a Hematologist the first week of November for this and was wondering what to expect.

Thank you!


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There are a lot of us here who have had problems with anemia. Has the doctor told you which type you have? There are many. I had the form that arose from the inability to process B12, that is really common with celiacs as often the damage to our GI system causes a lack of the intrinsic factor. You may find this link to be helpful.


"There are many types of hemolytic anemia, which are classified by the location of the defect. The defect may be in the red blood cell itself (intrinsic factor), or outside the red blood cell (extrinsic factor).

Causes of hemolytic anemia include infection, certain medications, autoimmune disorders, and inherited disorders. "

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