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Gaye of PA

Gas-x, Rolaids, Tritralac Plus

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Just wanted to let you know that I called some of the companies to see if their things were gluten-free. I got glutened for the first time, and I was having a horrible time of gas causing knife-like chest pain, and I simply couldn't get rid of it. My system just kept making more and more (7 days) and I did not know how to lighten the load a little bit! So I went to Walmart and just started picking up one item after the other and calling the companies.

Most of the time, I got a nice young girl who was most likely sitting far away in a foreign country. Here are some of the results:

Gas-X: she had no information on it, and promised to forward my inquiry to someone else in the company who might know. She will call me back (that was 3 days ago).

Rolaids: softchews has gluten. Multi-symptom doesn't, but the possibility of cross contamination is there.

Maalox: all of it has gluten except for " ____ stomach relief" I asked her 3 times to repeat what she was saying, but I really couldn't understand her.

Tritralac Plus: I never heard of this little product, but I got an American, and he told me it was gluten-free. When I asked how he knew, he said his information has long explanations of evidence of why it's gluten-free, such as "it has starch, but the starch is from a corn source." So I feel that it is pretty safe.

This product has both the ingredient that Tums has, and then also the simethicone ingredient that gas-x does. This didn't cure me (!) but it did cut down the chest pain by helping the burps to come up and out. I am so glad!

I wanted to share this info, in case someone else has this trouble too!

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