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Gluten Free Hair And Makeup Products

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This is my first time posting here, though I have been using this site for reference for about 9 months. I first want to say I have found all of your comments and tips very helpful as I was researching Celiac Disease and learning to adjust after my dx. I joined the site specifically because I feel like I have information to share now too...but I am also at work so I have to keep this short.

I know how depressing it can be looking for every product from scratch - i am extremely sensitive to even the smallest trace of contamination, and so had to change EVERYTHING in my home. (You guys understand) I finally reached out to two of my old favorite brands to see if I could use anything. I will tell you more about the encounters, but wanted to post some of the emails here to applaud the attempts of Tigi Linea and to give an answer regarding Victorias Secret makeup that I have looked for myself on this and other sites - so that everyone looking like I was can have it.

Victorias Secret: took less than 24 hours -

"Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Very Sexy

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Thank you so much for posting your research, it really helps a ton! I love the bedhead stuff, but haven't purchased in a long time because they didn't know. Kudos to you for stepping up and getting them to notice! Keep us posted :)

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THANK YOU!! I used Tigi products for years (LOVE them!) before celiac disease. I haven't gone back because of the uncertainty about the ingredients.

I'll be watching this thread for an update! Keeping my fingers crossed that my fave products are ok to use!

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