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Gluten Free Thanksgiving

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I am so excited for the holidays. My first Thanksgiving gluten-free terrified me! This year I'm gonna have to make a few more adjustments, as I am now DF as well. But I'm up for it! Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

Here's an awesome recipe for a pumpkin roll that I would make if I could still eat cream cheese. Made it for a gluten-free dessert party w/ the local GIG and they loved it! http://www.eatingglutenfree.com/recipes_desserts/#proll

Wow, typing all this got me totally pumped up! I might have to go out and get a turkey for a pre-thanksgiving dinner this week :)

Thank you so much for pumpkin roll recipe. That's my DS13's favorite and I was agonizing over how to make this! I was terrified that he would try to sneak grandma's gluten dream.

This our 1st gluten-free holiday.I used to be the one to bring the rolls to my mom's house--now I'm bringing everything! I just begged my DH if we could skip it and go to Dollywood, TN :rolleyes:

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THanks for the reminder of pumpkin roll! My families fave too! I had kind of blocked that out. I made it for them last year when I was a rookie but this year...since I have all of you to help and a year of cooking under my belt, Ill just convert my recipe.

This will be a GREAT holiday season!

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