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? About Juice Plus Vitamins

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Hi! I'm new here. My daughter is 5 years old that has celiac, she also has Down syndrome and is a jewel and our angel. We've been gluten free for almost 2 years now, and this is the first time I've been really stumped.

Juice Plus says their vitamins are gluten-free. However when I received the products the brochure inside said they have fiber from barley and oat bran. I called back the product manager to ? him since he is the one who assured me that they are gluten-free. He read me their position statement, which basically says that the fiber they use comes from the husk of the grain which is gluten-free, they don't use the inside gluten containing part of the grain and that they have tested their product and shown 0 gluten in it. I'm not completely buying it and wanted to see if anyone has experience with this.

My daughter is super bright, will ask before she eats anything ?able, "Mommy eat?" and if we say it has gluten she will say "BLAH!". So funny! :D She was asymptomatic but when she has accidents now it's very clear gluten is toxic to her system. I'm extremely conservative with her diet and just don't want to give her these expensive vitamins to try to help her and have it adversely affect her. The vitaimins are more whole food in approach and I think they sound great.

Okay, I'm rambling. So does anyone have a real answer for me. I had to laugh because as I questioned the mgr. he said, "what would we have to gain by saying they're gluten-free if they're not?" HELLO the business of everyone with celiac disease. ;)

Thanks! Nicole

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