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Sick From Spag. S., Stewed Tom, Tvp, Lip Medex?

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Checked the TVP with Bob Red's, the spag. sauce with Hunts (garlic onion, and garlic herb), and have an e-mail in to S&W (costco) stewed tomato italian style. Checked lip medex with a website. What could have made me sick? Or is it just a sensitive stomach to TVP-it did give me lots of -you know. But this morning constipation and bleeding for the first time in 2 months. What do you think? Thank you!!

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Grrr. Just read at www.geocities.com/HotSprings/ Spa/4003/gluten-free-contaminated.html - 14k that Hunt's gluten-free spag.sauce causes symptoms in some people. Did you have problems? Also, Spice Hunter's spices are milled on cleaned but not dedicated equipment. Should I throw them out? Still waiting for e-mail from Bob's Red Mill about TVP. Can you branch out from gluten-free label and trust the ingredient's list-like on TVP which says only soy beans?

Does anyone remember when the new law concerning listing all ingredients goes into effect and what it covers? This getting sick on unlisted ingredients, contaminated and crosspollinated products makes me want to go back to polenta, nuts, fruit, vegatables, corn tortillas, sweet potatoes, and nothing else. Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

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jknnej-I try to eat alot of organic things whenever I can. I'm not completely organic but I think it's a good way to go :D


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Feel free to email me anytime....jkbrodbent@yahoo.com

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I used to be a big soy eater - including tvp and veggie burgers. I started getting sick a few months ago and now gluten-free for 4 weeks. I find that I can't do any soy at all without getting sick. Even mayo and potatoe chips that are cooked in soy oil. The gas is extremely bad and I get constipation. My sister is the same way - we have both noticed it. I buy organic as best I can and look for soy as well as gluten in everything.

I'm hoping that when my stomach heals more, I'll be able to do diary and soy again. I miss the dairy most of all. Diary makes me really sick. I don't eat meat, so my diet is limited.


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Guest BellyTimber
Does organic go bad faster?


In my experience:

Raw meat, fish, eggs - no - if kept as recommended

Raw veg & fruit - hardly ,,

Fresh cooked things - no - ,,

Processed goods - no ,,

Checking whether there is some preservative substance (which can be as simple as salt, sugar, or cider vinegar), and checking whether it is recommended it be refrigerated/kept cool, or consumed within a certain date, can help you decide how long things will keep, which is only more important for organic goods insofar as they may be that bit better to begin with, and for us as we need to be careful with our food.


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I emailed Heinz a while back and they gave me an okay that their Katsup was gluten-free. I really hated to give Theresa Heinze-Kerry any of my hard earned money but if it is gluten-free, so be it.

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