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Don't Want To Eat Anymore


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Hello all! I'm just hoping for some suggestions because, well, I'm totally frustrated. I've been in the process of a gluten challenge for more testing because my other test results were inconclusive, but I decided to stop the challenge and just go for some Enterolab testing. I haven't felt any better or any worse, honestly, while eating gluten. I have decided that I want to try eliminating some foods to see if I start feeling better, but honestly, I don't know what to eat anymore and kind of feel like just not eating anything. From my personal "stomach" experience, I can't eat any grains, including rice, etc, dairy, soy, eggs, or chicken. I also cannot eat salads because they basically don't even digest, so that leaves out living on salads. Tomatoes hurt my stomach, as do citrus fruits, etc. What do people eat when they can't eat wheat, grains, dairy, eggs, chicken, or soy? I can't cope with not knowing what to put into my stomach and being totally terrified to eat. There's no rhyme or reason to what makes me sick. These least few weeks I have been eating gluten and felt the same as I did before when I was gluten free, I can eat rice with soy sauce and be sicker than a dog, but then I can eat cheese one day and I'm fine and the next day I'm a wreck; hence, that's why I've decided to eliminate most of the "main culprits" of food allergies/sensitivies, but what does that leave when even a lot of veggies hurt my tummy?

Any suggestions on how to cope with such a limited diet would help. I should also add I live in a small town with very few options for specialty foods; basically, if I can't find it at Safeway, I can't buy it :(

Thanks again!

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Before I was diagnosed everything I would eat would upset my stomach. I didn't feel like eating anymore because I was sick of feeling so bad. I was also lactose intolerant on and off my whole life as well. After a few months gluten free I was no longer lactose intolerant and nothing irritated my stomach except for gluten. Some people are sensitive to alot of things though and when going gluten free it may or may not clear it up.

Have you found out what you are sensitive too? It also depends how sensitive you are to these foods because some foods you could have in moderation. As your body gets better and heals your body will most likely start accepting some of these foods again.

Also if you are not on enzymes and probiotics I would highly recommend getting on them. They should help you with digesting food and give you less problems when eating. Liquid vitamins are good for you too.

Hope you start feeling better and get some answers if I can be of any help let me know :D


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Your story sounds very familiar! Before I was diagnosed so many things made me sick. I felt the best eating small amounts of the following: buckwheat, apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes, poached eggs or broiled fish - that was what I lived on for quite a while till my bowel healed, then I slowly started adding other foods. Caffiene, and citrus , tomatoes, were a big no-no. Even now if I accidentally get some gluten, I have to go back to eating completely bland for several weeks. Hope this makes you feel not so alone.


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I have been feeling similar the last couple of weeks. I have not been hungry, nothing sounds good to eat. If I SMELL food, I get hungry, but otherwise not hungry. Living alone, you don't SMELL much food!! ha I try to make myself eat one meal a day. I know I have to eat. Just not sure why I haven't been in the mood for food lately.

-Jessica :rolleyes:


Gluten Free since 12-31-2002!!


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I may be off base here even suggesting this... but years ago I went through a period of depression. I lost my appetite completely. I lost 65 pounds before I finally went for help.

You might want to make sure you are not experiencing depression. Certainly, the upheavals of this illness could contribute to depression. ;)

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before my diagnosis everything made me sick, I was also lactose intolerant until I had been gluten-free for several weeks, then I was able to eat dairy again. I also am allergic to penicillin and other antibiotics and also hormone sensitive, I found if I eat "clean" meats (no hormones or antibiotics ever) than I could eat chicken, pork and beef without getting ill.

I'm still afraid to try new things or even things that I ate pre-dx, like shrimp and lobster, because I thought I was reacting to shellfish even though the allergy screening didn't show any of the major food allergens. After a while you get so sick of feeling sick everytime you eat that eating becomes terrifying. I will go hungry if I am in doubt about whether or not something is gonna make me sick.

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