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Seeking No Gums, No Sugar Recipes

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I am seeking recipes that use no gums and no sugar (not even artificial). I have been celiac for 2 1/2 years but recently I been found to have a lot of intolerances to a lot of new foods. I cannot have gums. You know, the thing we put in baked goods to keep it from crumbling.

Also I cannot have soy.

I would rather not use rice flour but will if I have too for some recipes.

Eggs were cleared for me yesterday, so eggs are allowed.

Coconut oil and coconut was cleared also!

I can have nuts but not seeds. I just have to limit them to a few.

Dairy is not allowed but I have a substitute.

Yeast is also not allowed.

So, anyone have any simple recipes that I could have?

Here is one to get us started:

Mango served with sweet sticky rice and mixed with coconut milk. Maybe a dollop of chocolate?

I have a Mango and pineapple cake recipe that I can post if anyone is interested.




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Hi, Del -

I was just wondering if you had any luck finding some sugar substitutes? I just replied to another post about Chocolate Cake that called for 2 cups of sugar and asked the same question. I don't do sugar-substitutes either and 2 cups just seemed like a huge amount of sugar! I've read some things in some of the Carol Fenster cookbooks about different substitution ideas, but I haven't actually tried them yet. I really haven't done much baking. I'm the only Celiac and if I bake something, I EAT THE WHOLE THING, so....I'm trying to behave. You may want to check out some of her books...right now I have "Wheat-Free Recipes and Menus" in front of me and in the back there are sections for "Baking with Alternative Sweeteners" "Baking with Dairy Substitutes" and "Baking with Egg Substitutes" I think my favorite idea for the sweeteners is using fruit puree (either baby food fruits or puree fruits in the blender) but it suggests that it is best if used as a substitute for 1/2 not all of the sugar. It suggests Prune, Apple, Apricot, Banana, and Pear and suggests using Prune for dark colored foods. They also suggest using Frozen Fruit Juice Concentrate (Apple, White Grape, Orange, Pineapple) and you should used pure concentrate. She has suggestions in there for the amount to use...a little tricky, but worth trying to cut down on the sugar. Good luck!


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I use Xylitol and Stevia (which are natural)and they don't mess with blood sugar so they are ok even for diabetics.


Positive bloodwork

Gluten-free since January 2004


Jeremiah 29:11- "For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for you to prosper and not harm you,plans to give you a hope and future"

"One Nation, Under God"

Feel free to email me anytime....jkbrodbent@yahoo.com

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