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Soy Delicious Frozen Dessert

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Does anyone know if soy delicious products are gluten-free? I have the vanilla sitting in my freezer, just waiting to be consumed. :-) But I can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere. I will call them if nobody knows and let you know the outcome. I just thought I'd check here first (I hate talking on the phone!). :(




Celiac, gastroparesis, PCOD, heart problems, pacemaker.

Diagnosed 7-12-04 via bloodwork. Never had a biopsy, doc didn't think it was necessary (said I would know just by going gluten-free).

gluten-free two weeks after diagnosis (and my last bag of Oreos). :-)

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I believe Soy Delicious products are gluten free (not all of them, though, as some have cookies and such in them). I think they are owned by Turtle Mountain, which you can find on the web (it may be turtlemountain.com).

I've been eating their products for several nights a week since I went gluten-free in Dec. and have been fine (and I'm very sensitive to gluten)--I eat the Peanut Butter Zigzag flavor, which is fabulous. But, double check, as I certainly don't want to be wrong. If you find out otherwise (that they aren't gluten-free), I would love to know.


Gluten free since December 2004

Soy free since June 2005

Dairy free since July 2006

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