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Vicks Products Including Nyquil And Dayquil

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Hello All,

I was diagnosed the week before Christmas, so I am on a forever search of gluten-free products.

Below was sent to me from P&G regarding Vicks products as I was inquiring about Nyquil:

"Thanks for contacting us.

There is no gluten in any Vicks product except the Throat Lozenges, which may contain gluten. We do not keep lists of our gluten free products and cannot send that type of information to consumers. All of the available information about our ingredients is listed on the packaging or on our website at www.pg.com. When a consumer is concerned about ingredients not listed, we request that the consumer follow the procedure outlined below:

As someone who suffers from allergies, I certainly appreciate why you're interested in ingredient information. In our Consumer Relations office, we're provided with the same ingredient information you see on product packages. For that reason - and for your safety - we request physicians write to us with very specific information so we can have it researched as thoroughly as possible.

Your doctor may send a written request on office letterhead to:

Consumer Relations

PO Box 599

Cincinnati OH 45201

Be sure to clearly indicate the full product name, fragrance, color/shade as written on the product which interests you.

Once we receive your doctor's request, we'll research your inquiry and hope to provide a response in approximately four weeks.

Please understand we have your best interest at heart by following a strict process for ingredient information requests. If your doctor is anything like mine, he or she will be more than happy to send the letter.

We appreciate your patience.


P&G Team"

Hope this helps!

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I got the same generic letter from P&G, basically a CYA statement, but I did send a very unhappy/dissatisfied letter back regarding the statement about getting your Dr. to send a letter requesting the info--like Dr's have time to send inquiries to various companies for all of their patients. I got a note in return immediately sort-of answering my original questions, but I was still very disappointed in the company as a whole-I actually go out of my way now NOT to purchase P&G products.

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