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Sudden Spells Of Extreme Sleepiness When Glutened

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When I'm glutinized, I get extreme fatigue and weakness. Feels like the flu and will last 24 hours. I've had customers tell me I look like crap during these events and no amount of coffee can keep me awake. I'm like a zombie.

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I found this post after waking up from an accidental glutening.  I have Celiacs disease and bought a package of Atkins bars that I thought were gluten-free.  I ate a few things at home this morning but I am sure nothing else contained gluten.  I was about to get going with my day when a wave of exhaustion came over me.  I could not keep my eyes open.  Luckily it is Saturday and while I had a ton to do, I did not have to work at a set time or anything like that.  After about a half hour, I forced myself to get up and I looked at the wrapper to confirm - grrrr.  One the website I bought it from, it was listed as gluten-free but on the wrapper in bold letters "CONTAINS WHEAT"  I don't have any other condition and I just had blood tests confirming that everything else is fine and I am not deficient in any vitamin or hypoglycemic, etc.  I am quite sure this is a common Celiac reaction to getting glutened.  

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