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Strawberry Chex

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Honey Kix: http://www.generalmills.com/corporate/bran...mp;itemID=35724 (no oats listed)

Kix: http://www.growupstrong.com/nutrition/kix.html (oats listed)

Lucky Charms: (oats listed) http://www.growupstrong.com/nutrition/lc.html

Always check the boxes as ingredients may change and have not been updated on the website.

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It's the reformulated Strawberry Chex and Kix, and newly introduced Honey Kix and Chocolate Lucky Charms, that contain no gluten ingredients (and no oats). There have been no reports that Chocolate Chex (barley malt) or regular Lucky Charms (oats) are gluten free.

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I have so far bought two boxes of Kix at two different stores (Walmart in Troutdale, OR and Winco in Gresham, OR) which do NOT have oats in them. In both cases, they were side-by-side with the old Kix on the shelf. The box looks entirely different, with a picture like an ear of corn on the front, except with Kix instead of corn kernels.

There are no gluteny ingredients listed. It is made up pretty much entirely of corn, plus a few of the standard preservatives and additives. I have been eating them ever since, and have been doing fine.

I started another thread about these new Kix a few days back. I don't know when the website is going to catch up.


gluten-free since mid-2007.
Symptoms: "IBS," chronic fatigue, chronic pain. 

Celiac is a family affair for us; my mom, sister, and one of my sons are gluten free. At least it makes holiday gatherings easier. 

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