i woke up yesterday to feel my lip tingling...i've been getting cold sores for 10 years now so i knew what to do. i applied Abreva periodically all day only to discover the one cold sore turned into a cluster of them by nighttime. UGH! then i ran out of Abreva late last night so i'm off to get more. does anyone else get cold sores and what do you use for them? my lip is burning and tingling and i feel like i'm talking funny so i don't move my mouth too much. did i get glutened and this is how it's coming out? i don't feel feverish and i'm not overly stressed (i was 2 weeks ago but not so much anymore) so i'm not sure what else would have caused it. stress or too much sunlight usually triggers cold sores in me but since it's been about 2 degrees for the high temp, i haven't exactly been spending much time outside lately!