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Gluten Free Beer

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After a whole weekend of sleuthing, I found a commercially manufactured gluten free beer, made by Celiacs for Celiacs.

The contact email address is sales@bardsbeer.com.

They are back East, so I am still trying to find a local distributor to purchase it from here in southern California.

Did we ever think we'd see the day?

The name of the product is BARD'S TALE DRAGON'S GOLD BEER. and it is made from sorghum.

I hope we can help this new product along to prosperity, and I hope it tastes great.

Carol Hurley

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I have read with great interest all of the postings concerning beer. I decided I needed to write the company. I have included both my question and the answer for anyone that might be interested. I am to newly diagnosed to even think about trying beer right now. Maybe in the future. Knowing there may be a light at the end of this tunnel may give me the courage to stay gluten-free and not feel so sorry for myself.

If anyone decides to try the Amstel light let me know how it works out for you.

Dear Debbie:

Thank you for your recent email message. Heineken USA has been informed by

our parent company, Heineken NV, that beer contains gluten, which comes

from the grain from which it is brewed. Only a fraction of the gluten that

the grain contains gets into the beer. The proportion depends on the kind

of grain that is used. The use of barley results only in traces of gluten

in the beer while wheat contributes considerably more. It also depends on

the brewing process. Generally speaking: the clearer and blonder the beer

is, the less gluten it may contain.

Some people are allergic to gluten and have to follow a diet that minimises

or excludes their gluten intake. Whether beer can be part of such a diet or

not, is dependent on the extent of the allergy and the beer type consumed.

In many cases lager beers pose no problem for people who have a gluten

allergy. However, it is up to the individual to assess his or her


Thank you for your interest in Heineken USA.

Kind Regards,


Heineken USA

The customer wrote:

From: Debbie<casnco@hotmail.com>

To: amstel@qualitycustomercare.com


Date: 3/19/2005 3:07:51 PM

Message sent from amstellight.com by Debbie.

I have heard a rumor that Amstel light is gluten free. No barley and no


Could this be true? I have a newly diagnosed allergy to gluten and miss my

beer. Actually, Amstel light was the drink of choice on my first date with


husband. I would be tickeled if this was the only beer in America I could


Thank you in advance for your kind reply.


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