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Chicago Restaurants?


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Hi ! I will be going to Chicago next weekend with my family... hanging out downtown and eating dinner, as well as staying up north in Woodfield mall area. Does anyone know of any gluten-free restaurants in either area? Thank you!!



Indianapolis, IN

gluten-free since Feb 2005


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my recomendations:

Vinci- Italian- Old Town area- on Halsted just north of North Ave- HAS gluten-free MENU

Adobo Grill- SW/mex-Old Town- at North Ave and Wells- HAS gluten-free MENU

Bistro 110- across from watertower place north michigan ave- Chef's daughter is allergic to peanuts and he is great about allergies and understands the contamination issue.

Wildfire- West Superior?- steaks- HAS gluten-free MENU

Not too familiar with Woodfield area, but I'll bet there is on Outback and/or PF Changs nearby.

Have Fun,


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I recently ate at Vinci and it was an incredible experience! The food was amazing and the entire staff was well-educated in celiac. My dessert came out with crumbs on top and as soon as the food runner saw that the dessert was for me he turned right back around and got me a new one.....all this without me speaking a word! They were fabulous! Plus, you can have pasta out :lol:


-Opera Singer, diagnosed with celiac 1/05, positive bloodwork and biosy

-Red Sox Fan!!!!!

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