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"flavorings" And Liquid Vitamins

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Hey there - newbie here unlurking and posting. :ph34r:

I'm just learning about the disease and how to deal with it. Been sick for 2 years and deemed crazy by most doctors. Just recently diagnosised and not sure of foods or better yet the hidden stuff we can't have.

What is the take on Natural and Artificial flavorings? I see where it is posted on the no list, but it's in every single food item I pick up - so I can't have anything but salads and fruit? Have had a very rough week this week - so I got contaminated some how this week and trying to narrow it down. I stick to the gluten-free diet very strickly, but still not sure of the hidden dangers. Have been doing very well and feeling much better until this past week - set back time!!!

Also, looking for a good liquid vitamin since I know I'm not getting the nutrients I need and have heard the pill form isn't absorbed very well in Celiac. But all the liquid vitamins I pick up have natrual and artificial flavorings in them. Can I have these or is this hidden danger for me?

Thanks for the help.


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With natural and artificial flavorings, you always need to check with the company except if they're in a product made by Kraft. If there's gluten in a flavoring, modified food starch, etc., it will be listed on the label. See this article for a complete explanation


Centrum is gluten-free, but I don't know about liquid vitamins. With the flavorings in vitamins, you also need to contact the manufacturer to ask if the product is gluten-free.

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I use liquid vitamins plus by utrition and they are ultra absorbable and have been extremely good for me :D


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