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Celiac Disease In The News

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I was dismayed by Ms Edwards negative attitude toward celiac disease. I mean, I'd hardly call it a "death sentence." I also thought she made several misrepresentations about how difficult shopping is, etc. If she's hoping to build her business with this kind of "publicity" I think she'll be disappointed. I actually emailed her and expressed my concern about some of her comments.


Mom to:

Hayley age 4, gluten-free at 26 months

Clark age 3, negative celiac bloodwork

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Yeah...they had about six of these articles (different newspapers/news stations, of course) and I was going to post them this morning, but didn't have time. Will put under my news thread :)

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So, I just found out that my parents fed me cereal at 2 1/2 weeks!!!! That explains a lot. I told my Mom I was protesting and that I thought she should have to follow my diet since she might have been the cause of it. ha!

gluten-free since 2/6/04

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I am posting this in both the Celiac Disease in the News thread and the Celiac in Toronto News Today thread because it pertains to communion, but it's also celiac disease in the news...deserves to be in both:


Article entitled what would Jesus do? ....the question we've all been asking ourselves <_< and that I think we can make a fair assumption about.

Also pasted below since some newspapers knock articles off the internet or make you pay after a few days:

What would Jesus do?

Published in the Asbury Park Press 05/20/05

Holy Communion, a sacrament at the heart of Catholicism, begins as a joyous occasion for second-graders when they join their congregation in receiving the Holy Eucharist at the altar.

But for a little girl from Brielle, that step has been on hold. A year ago, the Diocese of Trenton said her First Holy Communion was not valid because she received a rice-based wafer, rather than a wheat-based host sanctioned by the Church. A medical condition, celiac-sprue disease, prevents her from ingesting wheat-based products

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Thanks for posting the Duluth News Tribune article about the gluten-free food store/restaurant in Hayward, Wisconsin. The article has a couple of "gluten-free" errors, but is great otherwise. I've eaten food from there when I've been visiting family in the region and it was good. I hadn't had a pasty in a long time.

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Guest BellyTimber

Thanks celiac3270, that's a very interesting article which I missed.

A close reading proves that things aren't as good in the UK as some elsewhere like to say.

With specific regard to coeliac disease notice how many weeks it took to organise a biopsy and how many more weeks it took to get the results.

The latest guidance is that these should happen immediately, but it is scarcely done.

It's commonplace not to get a biopsy at all and no diagnosis either.

The Bradford doctor is exceptionally good compared to most here.

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Sure :). A day or two ago I signed up for alerts on "coeliac" as well as "gluten" and "celiac" so that I could also post stuff for those not in North America. I'll try to put something next to those posts, such as UK or Europe or not US or something so they're easier to find:

Oops...this one is for the UK that I got, but it's a job offer, lol, which mentions "coeliac" in it....ugg.


There was one on embryonic stem cell research and celiac disease, but they won't let me access it since it was published yesterday, not today <_<

Awhile ago, I posted about the San Francisco something article... ;) anyway, they have letters to the editor, now...found out about this from the St. Johns List Serv:


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My friend found this on our local paper and sent to me. It was so cool she found it! Short article, read till the end and you'll see the connection to Celiac--




Indianapolis, IN

gluten-free since Feb 2005


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