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Please Can You Help Which Foods Not To Have With Thyroid Problems

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Hi Iam following candida, gluten free and low gi, no carbs diet (low blood sugar aswell)...

Iam havingthyroid / hormone problems and need to be able to eat vegteables as i cant eat fruit but keep being told more and more veggioes I cant eat now I dont know what to eat anymore :(

What Veggies can I eat for HYpothyroid? I cant eat carrotts, potatoes, sweetcorn etc as they are high gi...

Ive been eating peppers for there vit C as I cant eat fruit, runner beans, onions, spinach, asparagus, sugar snap peas...I need more green veggies but have been told i cant eat brussels, cabbage, brocoli, cauliflower...Iam getting very down as i dont know what to eat..

I was eating a few butter beans as my carbs are they okay??? Are pulses okay ?? I know chic pease are a problem so ive stopped them..

Ive also stopped soya milk as it affects thyroid..

I have tuna 2-3 times a week

Please can some one tell me which veggies I can have as Iam struggling with eating now...

Thanks so much


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I think it would be easier to list the foods to avoid, rather than ones which you can eat, because most things should be just fine for you.

Check here for a list of goitrogenic foods:


Although many foods have some amount of goitrogens, it seems like a bad idea to me to try and avoid everything with even a slight goitrogenic effect. Also, cooking reduces the goitrogenic effects, sometimes considerably, depending upon the food, and the method of preparation. There are many foods which boost thyroid function too, so a well balanced and widely varied diet should work to keep things evened out, no? That's my take on it, until I read research to suggest otherwise.

There are also foods which raise thyroid function, such as coconut oil, avocado, and other saturated fat sources. Even butter is said to be good for low thyroid, though animal fats aren't necessary or particularly healthy.

Coconut oil also helps fight candida, because it has caprylic acid. You may also find it helpful to take caprylic acid capsules. That is what I did, and they worked very effectively. Even though I was still eating gluten at the time, and practically living on pasta and bread, the candida went away by taking the capsules, and avoiding sugars, yeasts (such as yeast bread), vinegars (such as ketchup), and fruit. Until I read about protein, I was at a loss to explain why I was able to get rid of it more easily than others seem to. Now I think protein may have been the key (more on that later).

About onions and asparagus, I just read recently, that they have FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), which feed friendly bacteria, not the harmful ones. My research and personal experience indicates that onions and especially garlic is good for reducing candida.

I've seen some suggestions that carrots should be avoided if you have candida, but I have my doubts. Just because something has carbs doesn't mean it will feed candida. It is my understanding that it is the simple carbs which feed yeasts, not so much with complex carbs. I also read recently, that a high protein diet can feed candida, because protein can ferment in the gut, creating ammonia, thus encourage yeasts. This is why some candida diets rightfully suggest to limit meats, nuts, seeds, legumes, and other high protein foods. I believe member MELINE has more info on that.

I hope this is helpful to you!

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Thanks ever so much..

I will avoid the soya and chickpeas and eat some of the veggies ill just make sure they are very well cooked..

I do notice a difference when i eat carrotts i crave food more after wards..weird..


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