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Any Vegetarians Who Became Meat Eaters After Diagnosis?

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Oh, trust me, I do have feeling about not eating meat. Yes, I have craved it....but then 5 minutes later, I realize why I don't want to eat it. It is a difficult decision, and I am not sure what to do. I go through many emotions over this. I wish it would be so easy to decide, but unfortunately, it is not :(

I know what you are going through! There are many good reasons to be a vegetarian. However, vegetarianism is a learned, cultural behavior and omnivorous eating is a normal biological behavior. You will figure out which works for you.

Gluten free 3/07 self diagnosed

Specific Carbohydrate Diet 4/08--yes, it works.

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IMHO if your body craves meat, there is something in it you need. I never craved meat to much before my celiac diagnosis, but during my periods I craved red meat and milk. Odd, I know. Now, having celiac I crave meat more often and green veggies. Again, I truely believe that our bodies know what we need when we need it, so if you are craving it, I would eat it.

Just my 2 cents. B)

Celiac Disease - Gluten Free since Feb 2009,
Cow Milk &  Corn free - June 2012,
Gall Bladder Failure - Removed July 2009,
Colitis, Hashimotos Disease, & Diverticulitis

( )_( )
(")_(") Eat your vegetables!

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