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Amazing Salmon Recipe!

Guest Leidenschaft

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Guest Leidenschaft

Happy belated Easter everyone! :D We had friends taking care of the dogs at our business so my husband and I were actually able to take THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF!!! :rolleyes: It was heaven! :D Two of Ron's daughters and two of the grandkids were visiting for the weekend so it was really a treat to have time to enjoy them.

Anyway, one of our students brought us a beautiful salmon fillet as a gift and this amazing recipe!

We had a big beautiful boneless fillet, weighing 2.5 pounds, so I doubled the seasoning portion (in blue) of the recipe, but did not need the extra veggies as a single recipe was adequate! This salmon was enough to feed 4 adults and 2 kids! To make this gluten free, I simply replaced the bread crumbs with an equal amount of crushed Gluten Free Pretzels!

Please do try this and ENJOY!!! :-))


1 1/2 lbs salmon fillets

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp basil

1/8 tsp pepper

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 tbsp olive oil1 tomato, thinly sliced

1 onion, thinly sliced

1/4 cup parsley, minced

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 cup dried bread crumbs

1 lemon, thinly sliced

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place fillets in baking pan coated with

cooking spray and sprinkle fish with oregano, basil, pepper, garlic and

olive oil. Layer each fillet evenly with tomato slices, onion rings,

parsley, and sprinkle with salt. Top with bread crumbs and then lemon

slices. Bake for 30 minutes.

Since going gluten-free, I have found turkey dinners just aren't the same... and I make baked ham frequently. This recipe was the perfect answer to my Easter dinner dilemma and was absolutely amazing! :wub:

I hope you will all give it a try, it's easy and impressive looking! :lol:


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Dear Tammy,

thanks for sharing the recipe; it sounds lovely. We adore salmon, however it is prepared. About a week ago I made a salmon souffle' (using the canned variety) that was a big hit with my family. There is salmon fishing a couple of hours north of us (we live in Idaho, USA) but we are not fishermen, exactly. Maybe we can talk someone who enjoys hooking a few, into bringing one home to us so that I can give your recipe a try! Take care.



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Hi Lisa. Sorry, I just now by chance saw your request. I'd be happy to share the recipe with you! Paula

Salmon Souffle'

2 T. sweet rice flour

2 T. margarine

1 cup milk (or soymilk, etc.)

2 egg yolks, beaten

2 T. chopped fresh parsley

1 T. minced onion

dash nutmeg

1/2 t. salt

dash pepper

16 oz. salmon, flaked

2 egg whites, stiffly beaten

In a large saucepan, melt margarine over low heat; stir in sweet rice flour. Gradually stir in the milk. Continue cooking, stirring constantly, until thick. Add a little of this white sauce to the egg yolks, then return the egg yolk mixture to the sauce, stirring to blend. Add parsley, onion, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Stir in the salmon. Fold in egg whites then pour into lightly greased 1 1/2 qt. casserole. Bake @ 325 degrees for 55-65 minutes until golden and set. Serves 6

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Thanks, Paula! That looks yummy! I've been having a really hard time getting motivated to cook....although, in reality, that is nothing new. Even before Celiac I had trouble with that. I think having such a PICKY family has contributed to that. They seem to complain all the time even when I make things they like! Thanks, again

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