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Clearer Mind/ Clearer Sight

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So I have been gluten free now for two months, and I wanted to state not only has my constant mind fog dissapeared but I seem to be seeing farther. Or rather, I have the feeling I am seeing farther. For years, and especially in the last 3 it was as if I would look only 50 feet from me. As if my brain would register a "sight zone" at a certain distance. Now, for some reason I see the full spectrum, looking in the middle area but seeing well at a distance.

The other day I accidently had some soy in a supposedly wheat free meal and I was hit again with the fog. For the first time I even felt dizzy grabbing the wall after leaving the restaurant. Why do people forget about soy sauce. I am going to start bringing my own sauces.

An analogy is something like when you hear a high pitched noise, but this is as if it is a noise that sits over your brain and then your vision is tweaked just enough for you to be focusing merely on the immediate.

Anyhow, I am an artist, so its been nice to have my vision properly returning. I was diagnosed with ADD over a decade ago but now I am wondering if it was just celiac disease... :ph34r:

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Congratulations on improving your health. Isn't it strange, wonderful, all the changes with going gluten-free? All that stuff that we thought was normal or were told , "well, you are getting older" by dr's, dentists, and family. I love it that I feel 30 years younger and I'm learning every day how to improve upon it.

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anonymical7: I love how you describe this feeling.

I have a one-two punch, being gluten sensitive (not technically a celiac) as well as dealing with neurological Lyme disease (which often go hand-in-hand), and my feeling is so similar to yours. It has been my biggest complaint, and so hard to describe!

Thanks for putting words to the feeling...

My question: what is it about the soy that bothered you? Was it just the wheat within the sauce, or do you avoid soy as well?


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