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Ms. Skinny Chic

Delicate Subject: Latex Allergy And Safe Sex

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I know many of you have latex allergies, like me.

Heck, when I go to the hospital...I get the room to myself..

They try to make a special latex free room for people with latex allergies.

How do u manage this in your personal life????

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I buy latex free items. Polyurethane and Polyisoprene are the two main contenders there. They don't make as many of them and they are harder to find, but they are definitely out there, and well worth it. Durex, Lifestyles and Trojan all make an option.

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I have latex allergies in the "lady part areas". I was pain before I got married..Other than that I don't have the other issues with it. My OBGYN knows she can't use latex examine gloves etc.. it's hard because people want to freak out when I say I have latex allergies, like I can't inhail it..but for me its not that bad.

I tried those allernative "protection" types, those still bothered me.

Wish I had advice...I don't. It sucks, but I deal with it. B)

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