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Los Angeles Restaurants?

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I visit LA often and I'm always shocked at the small number of gluten-free dining options. I frequent the Sensitive Baker for treats, but would love somewhere I could reliably eat out with family. I'm sure that in such a health conscious city there must be good options, I just can't seem to find them. Any suggestions from locals?

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I live in Long Beach

I am still surprised by the lack of good places to eat too, but there are some

Z pizza - has lots of locations but not all carry the gluten free crust, had it a couple weeks ago at the mid Wilshire location and it was pretty good, I'll go again

The Veggie grill - I like this place a lot, only been to the Irvine location but I think there is one in El Segundo as well

there is an Indian restaurant in Santa Monica that is very good on Montana near 14th

Xooro - in Santa Monica by the Promenade, I haven't been there yet but they have gluten free churros

On 2nd St in Long Beach Belmont Shores there is another good Indian restaurant and a Lebanese place called Magic Lamp

Leaf Cuisine - I haven't been but it looks good

Pizza Fusion - is supposed to be opening soon in Santa Monica

BabyCakes Bakery - opening sometime in Downtown

Hope this helps

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The Stinking Rose, Lawry's and pretty much any of the higher-end places on restuarant row on Wilshire Blvd are very accomadating, if a bit pricy.

Beware a few of the Vegetarian places in LA like Greenleaves, they continue to advertise their Kamut products as gluten free.

There is a PF Changs in the Beverly Center.

Houston's and Gulfstream in the Westfield Century City were very good to me.

Those are the ones off the top of my head. I don't live there anymore, but did for quite a while.

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