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Test For Gluten Intolerance?

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I know there is a test for celiac, but my husband is gluten intolerance (tried gluten free for 6 months and then added some, he can tolerate to a certain level). My 12 yr old is now breaking out with the rash that started my search for my husbands problem. He has insurance. is there a test I can go request that would show gluten intolerance or do i just ask for a blood test? thanks

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You could test for anti-gliaden (antibodies to gluten)... but why not just get the whole celiac panel?

Antigliaden IgA

Antigliaden IgG

Tissue transglutaminase IgA

Tissue transglutaminase IgG

Endomesial antibodies (EMA)

Total IgA

You could also take your son to a dermatologist to find out if the rash is dermatitis herpetiformis. That involves taking two punch biopsies (very quick... it's not bad). If it comes back positive then it's very important to get your son on the gluten-free diet. Some people have DH without any intestinal damage, so don't be discouraged if the blood test for celiac is negative but the rash doesn't go away.

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