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Elisa Food Allergy Testing... Then What?

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I am confused about my son's allergy testing results - and won't meet with the allergist until next week.

We had the IgE food allergy testing done (corn +1) and no others through an allergist. BUT in the ELISA IgG panel which tested 96 foods, he has many "delayed allergies". The 6+ is the highest allergy rating on this test (Alletess Labs).

Here's a sample:

Food Score

Barley .402 6+

Gluten .907 6+ (highest score)

malt .362 4-5+

Oat .393 4-5+

Rye .390 4-5+

Wheat .796 6+

(he also had "reactions" on the test to 15 other foods, including milk, cheese, yogurt).

Has anyone had Elisa IgG food allergy testing that indicated Celiac? At very least he seems to be gluten-intolerant, according to the test. I asked the allergist's office to run the Celiac panel, but we dont' know results yet.

This 10-yr old has no history of stomach or digestive problems and was a very happy baby. No known family history of Celiac, but we are of Irish stock!

But lately, he is irritable and has mood swings (tantrums or very high highs). His other main problem is a bad rash on forearms and lower legs, which has come and gone over the last few years. The rash is especially bad now - insanely itchy and he can't help but scratch it. We are trying a strong cortisone cream since the family dr. didn't want to prescribe dapsone to a child.

It is SO hard not to dive into the gluten-free diet NOW, since I can see that it is hurting him!!! But I know we need to wait until getting further testing confirmation.

Oh, by the way... we saw the primary care with the allergy results... she said, looks like he needs to go gluten-free. I asked if I needed to see gastroenterologist or dermatologist...she said no !!! She said that Endoscopy was not required for diagnosis and why put him through that if you already know...

I am a bit confused, but reading on this board has helped so much! Thanks for any thoughts you might have on our situation.

Misty in Worcester, Mass.

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I don't think the ELISA tests show celiac. If your doctor is willing to write a diagnosis of celiac based on dietary results, I don't see a problem. At the very least, your son is allergic to gluten, which means the exact same thing as being celiac: no gluten, whatsoever. I don't understand why he can't go gluten-free now? Allergists do not do celiac panels, and his doc is not going to order a biopsy, why not start the diet now?

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