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Very Confused! Please Answer

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I am back on the gluten free diet after ten years. When I was diagnosed through a blood test ten years ago I was on the diet, then went off, and then took a biopsy which was negative. I went back on gluten. I was briefly off it again right before I got married, and I got pregnant but miscarried. Now four years later, I have been reading about Celiac and Infertilty. I was in perimenopause and after lap surgery my fsh went way up and then stayed around 34. I decided to try the diet again and I have been wondering if indeed I do have it. I have been gluten free for over a month. At first, things got great! A lot of health problems just vanished, and the best of all, my fsh fell to 16 in one month, I was convinced that my fertility was being restored. Now, all of a sudden, I am getting hot flashes again, worse then before, and I have floaters in my eyes. I also am missing periods. I was getting pretty regular cycles before the diet, now all of a sudden they are missing again! Will infertility symptoms sometimes get worse when you first go gluten free? Are my hormones reacting to the diet, and will they eventually balance out? I don't understand these new symptoms, and I really want to just continue on the diet, I am really pleased by the lower fsh when I first started the diet, but I am wondering if it has gone back up or are these detox symptoms? Also accidental glutening is causing worse symptoms than ever, making me think that this was indeed my problem all along. Aside from the infertility, I feel pretty good overall, and my depression has gotten better. I am really confused, please someone shed some light on this!!!! :huh:

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