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Rice Bran

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I bought a bag of Rice Bran a while ago when I had time to cook haha.....

I have a recipe that I bought it for but haven't had time to make it.

Any suggestions or pointers on how to use the Rice Bran in recipes that do not call for it. I just don't want it to go bad after buying it (I kind of forgot I had it ahhh).

Right now I just mainly have time to make a couple of my breakfast foods that I put in the freezer/refrigerator (pancakes, muffins mainly then once in a while some cookies and other stuff).

Is it kind of like flaxseed where you can just toss in a little in any recipe?

I use flaxseed in a lot of the things I make.

Thanks in advance :)

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That's how I use it. It boosts the fiber in breads and muffins. I also make the kiddos a cheap hot cereal by grinding rice in my coffee grinder (I don't drink coffee!) and cooking it on the stove like porrige, then adding rice bran near the end. (maybe 1/4 of the rice I added). Makes a great hot cereal with milk and cinnamon!

The Ener-G web site has recipes that use rice bran also:


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That is a neat idea (the hot cereal), I have never made anything like that before so wouldn't really know where to start ha. So you just pretty much use normal rice (not the instant) and grind it then cook it like you would rice? and then at the end add some rice bran?

I was thinking it could be used like flaxseed with just adding some to a recipe but wasn't sure so thanks for saying you do that :) The whole cooking by scratch all the time is a deffinately a learning process even when you think you are understanding things (then bam something new to learn haha).

Thanks for the link. I saw a couple of recipes/ideas on there. After seeing the link I rememered about Bob's Red Mill having a recipe section on their site as well so got some more ideas from that.

Thanks again.

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