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My Brother Makes Fun Of Me By...!

Do I...  

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  1. 1. What do I do?

    • Just accept the taunting.(I let him taunt me for problems that are uncontrollable
    • Tell him to stop politely(he may not respond)
    • Tell him to stop unpolitely(he usually beats me arguments)

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      Ask a parent to intervene ("Life isn't fair talk)

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about the lactose intolerance... it goes with the celiac disease since the part of your intestines that digests milk is destroyed by the celiac antibodies. it should get better as you heal.

as for brothers, i have one, and they can be buttheads. but they get over it most of the time. put him on ignore and wait for him to grow up. he might also be a little scared that he could get it, too.

Diagnosed Celiac in February 2006

Villus blunting and positive blood test

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:( first off, my brother, Tizoc, who currently has no medical problems (i.e. intolerance, allergies) eats gluten in front of my face, saying, "Here's the ones you'd be eating." *gulp*

This also annoys me because when I complain to my dad he says: "You know, life isn't fair."

I agree with my dad but it shouldn't be made worse by taunting.What do I do?

P.S. I have lactose intolerance AND Celiac disease. and I have known about Lactose intolerance for 2 years and celiac disease since Tuesday. This isnt normal for a twelve year old kid! is it? My brother is fifteen.

Am I just unlucky? email: nelsnils@gmail.com

where do you live. Id be happy to kick his ass. When he's in the street bleeding and asks me "what did i do" ill smile and say, "hey lifes not fair"


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