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Sammy's Wood Fired Pizza Is Out For Us.

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I tried Sammy's gluten-free pizza my first week gluten-free and felt sick to my stomach. Was still learning so much during those first days I thought we'd try one more time (I'm nearly 3 months gluten-free and have been successful in the transformation).

I had a chopped chicken salad with my own dressing -- figured it was safe. BUT I also had a tiny slice of my son's gluten-free pizza (he went gluten-free last week). I bloated in under an hour and my son said he felt heavy eyed tired that he hadn't felt all week. By two hours I was SICK! This morning I woke up feeling like I had a serious hangover -- am thinking it is my first serious glutening and will continue to do my best to avoid that again.

Sammy's does state the gluten-free choices are prepared in a non-gluten-free facility. We don't eat out much, but will continue to try...just thought I'd pass our experience along. So far we've had great luck at Spaghetti Factory and small independent restaurants.

Good Luck and please continue posting the good and bad about restaurants...this site has helped us find great available choices!

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I eat there all the time and never have an issue. I am in Las Vegas. I know when first tried it I felt sick because of the dairy..which I shortly cut out afterwards for 4 months and tried it again with cheese, it was awesome. No issues for me. :D

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