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Dried Dates

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I found a recipe on a cookie site that I want to try to make but it calls for dried dates. I found Amport Dates but was a little nervous b/c there is an old post on here about them using oat flour to roll the dates in BUT I did get an e-mail from the company so it sounds like they are safe now:

Thank you for your contact. We use a small amount of sugar not flour.

There is no gluten in our diced dates.

We appreciate your patronage.

The Customer Support Team

American Importing Co., Inc.

Minneapolis, MN



If anyone uses Dates can you please post what brand you use??? Thanks =)

This is what I want to try (ahhh hope they turn out when I do try them haha)

http://healthy-family.org/caryn/501 Flourless Coconutty Fruit Cookies

OR.... is there anything you think I can sub the dates for?????


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I'm not sure about dates (though that e-mail makes them sound safe) but you could substitute raisins, I'd imagine. Also, I believe all Sweet Energy dried fruit is gluten-free, but you should probably double-check.

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