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Vitamin B12

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Hi, sorry to ask these constant questions. Obviously I'm on the steep part of the learning curve. I tagged this question onto an existing thread I started about vitamins but now I can't find that thread so...

I've been searching old B12 threads cuz I suspected I might have a deficiency. First I've been on prevacid 30mg for 6 years now for bad reflux. My provider stopped covering prevacid and only covers other PPI's which are ineffective with me, so I've decided to go off the meds altogether for a couple months, and am now about 5-6 weeks gluten-free (except for a few slip-ups but that's being refined as I go with the sage advice from here). It was here I read (first time!) that the PPI's deplete people of B12.

Reading the symptoms of B12 deficiency, I have several e.g. peripheral neuropathy, ataxia /gait problems, tremor. Interestingly, I've seen my rheum, internist, an ENT man and neurologist and had a battery of expensive tests to determine the source of these problems but NONE has thought to test me for B12 deficiency. And I'm talking top physicians, Harvard grads, top researchers med school professors etc. Not enough money in it? I don't know. Color me cynical. These symptoms pre-date my going on prevacid but they have continued to worsen the past few years. Anyway, not having had the test, I've decided to try Now brand liquid B12. Dose says one teaspoon (5,000mcg) and there are 23 tspns in a bottle.

Other particulars: have tested iron deficient, severe D def. & calcium def. with beginning bone loss. So am on these supplements + calcium/mag. supp; I also take coQ10, lysine and grape seed extract and a couple others I've found helpful, L-carnitine and amino essentials (the latter whole foods brand).


Does anyone know if this 1 tspn. B12 is daily dose? I've read here of others getting weekly shots hence the question.

Is it okay to take with food and my other supplements or does it matter?

My doctor stressed that the calcium (1000-1200mg daily) should be taken in two doses as it does not remain in your body 24 hrs. Is this true for B12, or for that matter, any other vitamins we take?

I do plan to run this by my doc next visit but meantime am choosing to take the B12. I'm sniffing around w/google as well as posing these questions to all you brainiacs. Thank you for sharing your smarts with me.

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The symptoms you descrige could come from Vit B12 defieciency which is often present when we are first diagnosed. You need to get a sublingual B12 that will bypass the gut altogether and be absorbed by the moucous membranes in your mouth. I use the 3000 mcg sublinguals by Country Life.

In addition your symptoms also give some suggestion of gluten ataxia. Given the combination of the B12 and the gluten free diet these should resolve for you a bit soon.

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I take 3000mcg of Methyl b12 lozenge in the morning. My peripheral neuropathy completely went away as did most of my muscle pain. I recommend it if you are still having these symptoms as a Gluten-Free diet alone did not resolve it for me. It also gives you a TON of energy and a general feeling of well being!

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