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Failed To Follow My Own Advice

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about a new itchy rash. Well it has spread and spread. I suspected citrus as I had been eating a lot of Mandarin oranges and drinking Bacardi with juice (which was mostly OJ based). So I eliminated citrus, or at least thought I did, and I started getting better. The twelve-hour flight was okay, declined all the OJ offered, but that night had a frozen margarita, duh!! Next day symptoms worse so diagnosis pretty much confirmed. Drank my Bacardi with a soda and got worse again; read the can and, of course, most sodas contain citric acid. Have now found some TJ's flavored sparkling waters with no citric acid and this horrid, all-consuming itch is dissipating after several tubes of Cortaid (because I can't do Benadryl).

And what advice was I referring to?? Don't consume too much of any one thing! :P

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