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Poor Protein Digestion

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Has anyone else ever had any problem with properly digesting meat or egg products and constipation as well as burning in the throat or even heartburn?

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I can't digest meat, eggs and even fish. My reaction is to get bad headaches, and then to throw up for a couple of days, until I throw up only acid and bile. Just had three days of this after trying a slight bit of organic minced meat. Don't know what the problem is, though. I'm following the SCD for four month now and am better overall, but I still can't touch meat. Until three or four years ago, I could eat meat without any problems, so I hope I'll be able to one day again.

Digestive enzymes don't work for me when it comes to meat, but I know that they work well for some people. So if you haven't already tried, perhaps it could be worth looking into.


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