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Question About My Test Results?

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My dr. went over my lab results and we were a bit suprised we were expecting my vit B 12 to come back low when in fact it came back higher 790 at a range of 305-535. As well my throyid test was on the lower end of normal mine was 0.78 range of 0.90 to 5.50. My dr. sid no big deal as it was still in the normal range and th B12 was not that elevated. Does this ring a bell to anyone and is he right, these results are not a worry????? I am a bit concerned.

I am convinced I am gluten intolerant if not celiac but my test results say other wise.

Another thing is that my TTG test cam back at 6 with a range of 0 to 10. He siad mostly the results he sees are 3 so I was a little higher than what he normally sees but it is still in the normal range Is this right? All my other test were negative for celiac.

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