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Hi there

I had a blood test for celiac disease about 10 years ago and it came out negative, though I now believe that this was because I was on a gluten-free diet at the time, so the relevant anti-bodies were not produced by my system.

I would like to have the blood test again. I notice my symptoms are slightly less with Spelt, so planning to eat Spelt bread for - I'm told - 6 weeks.

Recently, I found a tablet called "Glutenzyme" (made by Biocare) which is supposed to make gluten more digestible, and it seems to work moderately - so planning to take this to help me cope with the Spelt.

My question is this - Will taking "Glutenzyme" in the weeks before the test mean that my body doesn't produce the anti-bodies that would normally be detected by the test?

Thanks if anyone can help.


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