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Potassium Levels....how Many Have Had This Issue?

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I was curious to how many hav had low or borderline low potassium levels?

My lowest to my knowledge was 134. Since then it has gone up to like 4.1 last I had it checked.

What would be optimal levels?

What were your levels?

How did it make you feel? What symptoms?

Your experience please.

Thank you

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I've had a CMP done a few times in the last year and my levels have varied between 3.6 and 4.0... always on the low end of normal. A level below 3.5 is considered to be "hypokalemia."


Unfortunately, it's pretty complex to figure out why your potassium is low. I'm being evaluated right now for a problem with my kidneys (they're leaking a bit of protein)... so that could explain why my levels are on the low end. I would do some reading and see if anything fits your situation... lupus, diabetes, eating disorder, Cushing's syndrome, steroid treatment... there are so many possible explanations :(

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Thank you for your input. I'm guessing not too many people here have had borderline levels.

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