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Itchy Everywhere-but No Rash

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Does anyone get really itchy when they eat a wheat product? It happens to me if I eat gluten--

Tonight I ate something with gluten because I am going to have a biopsy soon. Within an hour I was tingly and itchy all over--and I mean ALL OVER! Even inside my ears...

This is not the first time this has happened. I eliminiated gluten for a month and then ate pasta to see if it was a migraine trigger at the very start of this discovery process and itching was one of the obvious reactions.

What is this itchy tingliness? It feels like bugs are crawling under my skin...and it keeps me awake. It feels dreadfully like I've been poisoned. I have to take a benedryl to get any rest.

If I have to eat gluten for a prolonged amount of time before my biopsy, I think I will go nuts from the itching alone, not to mention the pain, bloating and gas! :P

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Sounds like an allergic reaction... especially if Benadryl helps.

Have you ever had allergy testing? It's possible to have celiac disease AND an allergy to wheat. Last time I had anaphylaxis I had intense itching (hives) literally from head to toe... even on my scalp and ears. What a weird and horrible feeling. Histamine levels peak around 2:00 in the morning, so that could explain why the itchy feeling is keeping you awake at night. You might want to ask a doctor, but it should be fine to take Benadryl before you go to bed... every night if you have to! Definitely see an allergist (or maybe a dermatologist) if the itching continues when you're gluten-free... it could be chronic hives.

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