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Totally Confused About Alcohol - Please Help!

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I've had celiac for two years now. I was never a big drinker before, and still am not. But because I don't drink often, I'm still pretty confused about alcohol in general. I'm finding lots of conflicting and confusing info online and on this message board and would love some help. What I'd really like and can't seem to find is a list of alcohol I CAN'T have, those that I should avoid. If there is a similar post and/or list on these boards I've missed, or official info somewhere else online, by all means, please point me there.

I know beer is out of the question, which is fine, I never cared for it much anyway. I have had Woodchuck and Wyder's cider and really like both, haven't had any sort of reaction. Wine is okay. But is all wine okay? I've had both red and white wine since being diagnosed and have been fine. I have noticed my tolerance has gone way down though, one drink and I'm pretty buzzed.

I was at a friend's house last night and they were making drinks with bourbon. I thought I should probably check before I drank it, but didn't and went ahead and drank it. An hour or so later, my friend suggested we check it out, because she wanted to make sure I didn't get sick. Oops, sure enough, we Googled and found out it ISN'T gluten free. The bottle didn't give any indication of the ingredients either. I ended up getting a stomachache and didn't feel so hot for a while. Still felt a little sick this morning.

So beer and bourbon, add those to the "CAN'T HAVE" list. What else? What about rum, whiskey, vodka, tequila, etc? If I'm not drinking wine I usually like something sweet, like a rum and Coke, pina colada, mojito, etc. These are usually made with rum, which is always gluten free, right? I used to like the Malibu rum, is it gluten free?

Any other sweet drinks you'd recommend that are usually gluten free? If I could have a few I know and like, that I know are gluten free, that would be nice too. I suppose I also need to be familiar with what brands of certain alcohol are for sure gluten free. What are some common brands of each type of alcohol that most bars have on hand that are safe?

Thank you SO MUCH for your help in advance!

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ANY distilled alcohol is considered safe for people with Celiac to consume. Bourbon would be safe, even though it's grain based, because it's distilled. Now, some very sensitive people with Celiac have said they don't do well with distilled grain based product like alcohol and vinegars.

Here is a pretty broad list of CAN HAVEs:



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