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Lipase Levels

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so confused. can anyone explain lipase levels and how it is associated with weight loss? have lost 30 pounds with extreme loss of muscle mass. blood test came back the lipase was 75 and out of range. i notice others here that the lipase levels are into the hundreds. does the 75 really mean 750? i am so desperate to gain some weight!!!!

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Hi Leinana,

How are you doing?

I'm bumping this up because I am interested in this too. I still have some things to figure out and I too would like to hear an answer to your question as well as more about this topic from others. I am also interested in how pancreatic enzyme imbalance realates to diabetes.

Who did the blood test for you? Was it an Endo. or primary care? Did you have to ask for it or did they run it on their own?

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