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Now Gluten Free But Constipated

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Hi I am following the SCD and doing very well but seems with my increased protein consumption I have become constipated. I am hoping this will agjust in a few days but was wondering what I can take to ease the problem. I do drinks tons of water too. I have a supplement call fibersmart that is gluten free but the SCD says no FOS and that has it. I also just love this product called teeccino a coffee substuite it says it is gluten free when brewed but it does contain barley. I have never had problems with this one before but now I am 100% gluten free I don't want to take my chances. Any one use teeccino? Or suggest anythigng else?

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Hi, I am interested in this SCD diet too. Still need to look at the book. I eat a modified version I think, though I probably eat more winter squash than they would allow. I finally went off yams and sweet potatoes. However I don't eat fruit (due to candida overgrowth complications) so I think it may even out... I get non fat organic yogurt from Trader Joe's...rather than make my own so far. Have not noticed it bothering me.

Barley has gluten in it, being part of the wheat family. If you have celiac, you should avoid it.

Let me know how your SCD diet goes. Am interested.


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