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Pictures Of My Babies

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Here are my two dogs. Diva is the Chihuahua and Syndi is the Pomeranian.


This is Diva when we first got her. She is now about a year and a half old.


Here is Syndi when we first got her. She is now 7 years old.


We used to have two Poms. But, my sweet little Billy died a year and a half ago. Here is a picture of me with Syndi and Billy. This was before we got Diva. Billy is the dog on the right.


Our first cat, Dennis. He is 7 years old now too.


This is Monkey. He just showed up in our back yard one day. Sweetest cat ever. He is about 6 now.


This is Tigose and Starina. Tigose is the tiger colored one. They are from the same litter and are about 4 years old.


This is Barney when he was a baby. He came from my gluten-free's sister. He has the most beautiful blue eyes you could ever see. He's a really big boy now.


This is Otis. He just showed up at my gluten-free's job one day. He latched onto her shoulder and he was so scared he wouldn't let go. She literally worked the whole day with this cat on her shoulder like this.


This is our parakeet, Sky


And last but not least....Sweet Pea! He is a Finsch's Conure and is truly amazing. So smart. He is funny, he is loving, he is playful, and he is a spoiled brat.


Sweet Pea is so special that I am going to post a slide show of him.


Ok, well, that's it! I hope you guys enjoy looking at our sweet babies. We love them all so much. They are a lot of work I have to admit, but worth every second of it.

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Very nice photos, Lynnie. I can't believe how your conure and dogs interact like that--amazing.

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Sweet Pea, our conure and Syndi our Pom, for some strange reason have taking a liking for each other. Syndi is so sweet with that bird. I put them down on the bed together and Syndi hovers over Sweet Pea like a little mother hen. And Sweet Pea just goes up to her and gets really close and all in her hair. Sweet Pea will lay down on his back right below her and wave his little feet in the air, like he is being silly and playing. It's such a sight to see. Cute as can be.

Now Diva, our chihuahua, is deathly afraid of Sweet Pea. She runs for her life when we try to put the bird down with her.

And the funny thing is, we have six cats, but one of our cats, Dennis is also close with Sweet Pea. Sometimes I will lay down on the bed with the both of them. Sweet Pea will climb all over that cat, on his head and everything and the cat just lets him do whatever he wants. Dennis is so loving.

We love our babies so much. They really are like our children and we get so much joy from them. They are all as loving as they can be. They all have their different personalities and quirky things that they do. We just adore them all!

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They're all adorable! :D

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Thank you Sweeties...we think so too... ;):D

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I can't take the cuteness!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

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