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Gluten Friendly Restaurants Canada

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I just wanted to post this because my family and I just got back from a trip through the Okanagan in British Columbia. We ate at 4 different restaurants and had wonderful experiences at 3 of them.

The first evening we ate at Moxie's. It says right on the menu to inform you server if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. I picked out what I thought I could have, with slight alterations. The server said she would inquire of the kitchen. The manager came over and assured me it would be fine. They were very pleasant. A great experience.

The next afternoon we ate at Earl's restaurant in Vernon, they were very accomodating. I informed the waitress of my Celiac (gluten allergy in her terms). She was well-informed and knew immediately what I could have. She informed the kitchen staff and they brought my order out seperate. No embarrassment, nothing, she didn't even skip a beat! It was wonderful.

Friday night was not so good. We ate at Mino's in Kamloops. The server we had was absolutely insulted that I would dare ask for my Greek salad with no dressing. She snapped at me for asking to have a salad specially prepared for myself. When I asked for something different, she gave me the lecture again. She finally stormed off to return when we had made up our minds. I will first say that I am by nature a very shy, undemanding person. When she came back my uncle asked what the souvlaki was marinated in. She again was extremely annoyed and irritated. I finally just ordered it, and of course, was VERY sick the rest of the evening and most of the next day. She would not acknowledge me for the rest of our meal. I was in tears by the end of dinner. We would have walked out but my uncle was treating us and I didn't want to make a scene. It was a horrible experience!

The next evening I was nervous to go out after having had such an awful experience. We went to Montana's. I nervously mentioned to the server that I had a gluten allergy. She quickly got the allergy menu. We were a very large group of over 20 with 3 of us with different allergies. She was so kind and helpful. Brought us each our own menu. It was great. I will definitely go there again! I sent thank yous to all 3 restaurants because I know that all of us really appreciate the consideration.

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Great post for us travelling in western Canada. If you hit Alberta, check out A Tasty Menu in Calgary and Gluten-free patisserie in Cochrane. Both are 100% gluten free.

My sister took me to A Tasty Menu last month when I was visiting. It was soooo exciting to be able to order anything from the menu. My family were happy to try something new and thought the food was great. I bought some of the pizza pockets to take home with me to B.C. They are really good. The spinach, feta, and olive ones, mmmmmm. If we are ever in Cochrane, I will definitely check out the patisserie. Thanks for the reply. :D

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