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Canadians, Help On What To Stock Up On In The Us

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We are heading into the US in July and I want to pick up a bunch of gluten-free food that we don't have readily available in Canada (also remember I live in a remote part of the country with very little to choose from). I know the CHEX cereal is #1 on our list. Anything else for a 9 year old newly diagnosed kid who LOVES pasta, Kraft Dinner, cereal and bread? I'm wanting hints on gluten-free packaged pasta or rice dishes that would be made quickly like Lipton Noodles and sauce, KD, or alphaghetti for those crazy busy days. Brands and US grocery store names that stock lots of gluten-free items would be of great help too. There has got to be someone out there who stock piles in the US when they go :)



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Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. The US product is gluten-free and is even labeled gluten-free. The stuff generally sold in Canada is made in Canada under licence, and uses malt vinegar (gluten).

There is a store in the Toronto area that sells the US product. A 10oz bottle is 4.95 CAD. (Contact me off-board if you want to know more.) If you are going to the US you can probably bring it back for less.

Chex cereal. It has not been sold in Canada for decades. Gluten-free versions of several Chex cereals are now sold in the States. Look for "gluten free" on the label of the new formulas.

RedBridge beer. It is a mainstream brand by Anheuser-Busch and is gluten-free.

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Betty Crocker Cake mixes, they're new and now have gluten free ones...

Glutino products, they're available in Canada but priced with the usual markup <_<

if you have the ability to do cold/freezer (are you driving?) I've seen some parent mention gluten free chicken nuggets (I've only found fish sticks in Vancouver)

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