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Canadian Food/labeling Laws. What Exactly Is The Difference Can Vs Us

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If a manufacturer states an item is gluten-free in Canada must they also state that it was produced in a factory which also producer products containing wheat or other sources of gluten? I have come across several products that say gluten-free on the front but I have found some to say produced in a factory that produces gluten products also. I'm wanting to know if it doesn't say that does it mean it is a gluten-free facility?

Also wondering about the general labeling laws in Canada and what to watch out for in the US (ie: what do they not list in the US that Canada would list)


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In general, Canadian laws are stricter. In Canada, a food may not be labeled as gluten-free it contains any derivative from wheat, barley, rye or oats. For example, nothing may be labeled as "Gluten Free Oats."

In Canada, wheat is not required to be disclosed as an ingredient, as it is in the US under FALCPA. However, most food companies voluntarily disclose wheat if it is present.

Many companies will clearly disclose gluten if it is present, Here is a partial list:

Arrowhead Mills, Aunt Nelly's, Balance, Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry, Bertoli, Betty Crocker, Blue Bunny, Breyers, Campbells, Cascadian Farms, Celestial Seasonings, ConAgra, Country Crock, Edy's, General Mills, Good Humor, Green Giant, Haagen Daz, Hellman's, Hormel, Hungry Jack, Jiffy, Knorr, Kozy Shack, Kraft, Lawry's, Libby's, Lipton, Martha White, Maxwell House, McCormick, Nabisco, Nestle, Old El Paso, Ortega, Pillsbury, Popsicle, Post, Progresso, Ragu, Russell Stover, Seneca Foods, Skippy, Zatarain's.

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