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Could A Copper Overload Be The Trigger For Celiac?

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The cause and cure for celiac is still unknown. I would like to share with you my own theory. I believe the disease is triggered from an imbalance of copper and zinc. The ratio of Cu/Zn should be 1:8. I've only done little research on this subject, so bare with me. Copper can block many nutrients along with zinc. B1, folate, iron, vit C, and magnesium. Blocking these nutrients and minerals can lead to poorer digestion. (exactly what we need eh? :( ) The main reason (i think) why this would lead to celiac disease is the fact that high copper levels can also lead to lower levels of histamine. I might not have all the facts down about copper's role in celiac but i really believe it plays a strong part. Some people are born with celiac disease. I believe mother can always pass extra copper into the fetus and an inadequate amount of zinc.

Another thought I had... Its obvious that zinc's absorption rate is diminished with villi atrophy, but what if copper's absorption isn't affected nearly as bad? Copper may be absorbed in the stomach. A person with celiac disease would never get the proper Cu/Zn balance! Copper is a hard bugger to get out of your body once it's in. Not impossible though. The cure for celiac disease may be exactly that. Restore the balance. Gluten free diet to get the villi healed up. Take zinc supplements and chelate copper. MSM powder and chromium might come in handy as well. There is much research needed to be done on this subject.

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