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First Doctor's Vist Since Diagnoised

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Hi everyone....We had Jacob's first doctor's visit on Thursday to see how he is doing...We have been gluten-free for a month...He gained 6 POUNDS...I was so happy. I think it finally hit us that going gluten-free IS working.....I would never take him off of the gluten-free diet even if I did have doubts but now that I SEE the results it makes it alittle more BELIEVING...I am just a mommy in denial or WAS in denial.

I think the doctor's visit opened my mom's eyes too...I was always worried when he went over there....The one time he did go over there he came home with Diaharria....She swore she didnt feed him anything he didnt need to have. Pretty sad when you cant trust your own MOM...My mother in law is awesome with it all...She is like Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker anyway and loves to cook so she has been keeping me stocked with frozen pancakes, chicken tenders she made out of the gluten-free stuffing mix from gluten-free Pantry and cookies so I am so lucky to have her.

This board has been a lifesaver....Thank you everyone.

Now for a food questions!!! What is it in Rice Krispy Treats that he cant have...I looked at the label but I didnt have my book to check everything....I didnt buy them b/c I wasnt 100% sure...Just trying to find some new snacks...I did get him Trail Mix and he loves that...I was shocked...LOL

Well have a good week everyone..



Mommy to Jacob gluten-free since March 2005

Mommy to Peyton...Allergic to NUTS and Asthma

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Congratulations on such wonderful improvement for your son. I remember how much my children grew the first 6 months ont he diet. It was amazing. I had to buy tons of new clothes/shoes since they grew so fast. :rolleyes: But I didn't mind. They were small before, but not horribly tiny. Now they are actually taller than many of the other kids in their classes at school.

Rice Krispies has malt (or malt flavoring) in it. Malt is primarily made from barley, which is not allowed on the gluten-free diet. Sometimes malt is made from something other than barley, but you would have to check with the manufacturer or their supplier. It is much safer to just avoid all malt.

I make our own rice krispies treats with gluten-free rice cereal, marshmellows and butter/margarine. They are easy and taste great. You can also use extra things in them to make them extra fun like freeze dried fruit, M&M's, nuts, raisins, etc. We've even made them shaped for holidays. :D

God bless,


~West Coast-Central California~

Mariann, gluten intolerant and mother of 3 gluten intolerant children

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