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Vtiamin A And Thyroid

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My friend has been suffering with extremely dry eyes and air starvation for some years. Now it's so bad, she cannot drive or watch TV. She can no longer read.

Today I read an article regarding vitamin A defiency in those with celiac disease. It mentioned that the eyes can literaly dry up and it can affect the mucous membranes of the lungs. This really does sound like her. She had her thyroid removed in the 60's and takes Synthroid.

She's seen so many specialists and been to teaching hospitals. She's asked me for help researching but I've never come up with anything helpful.

I'm wondering if any of you with thyroid conditions have any experience or knowledge of this subject. I don't want to raise her hopes again on a treatment that might go nowhere like all the rest.

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Thanks for the advice. I will pass it on. She's desperate for any help.

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