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Kitsap/olympic Peninsula (wa) Gig (public Event) Tomorrow?

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The wonderfully designed calendar on this website has an event listed for tomorrow:

"Our next meeting will be a picnic on June 27th in Sequim at the Sunny Shores Beach Club Cabana on Serpentine Ave. It is very easy to find and will be a wonderful venue for our gluten free feast and bright sunny day of friendship and food. GIG will supply the burgers, dogs and buns and everyone can bring a dish provided the complete recipe and ingredients are included. We make sure that no one is poisoned on our fun day. We have been having this picnic for a number of years in Bremerton and everyone loves it. It will be from 11:00am to 3:00pm and if anyone would like to come and talk Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance or gluten free diet, please come at 10:00am and I?ll be there. This is a wonderful facility right on the beach so bring beach shoes and stuff and friends and family and enjoy a gluten free party."

However, lacking details for the event, or any kind of contact information, I'm having trouble nailing down the specifics. An internet search for "Sunny Shores Beach Club" led me to believe such a place does not exist. Further investigation shows a "Sunland Golf and Country Club" near Serpentine Ave in Sequim, but I am looking for a way to verify that this is where the event is (after getting no answer at the country club).

I live in Seattle, and the above calendar entry made me think the picnic was in Bremerton "We have been having this picnic for a number of years in Bremerton and everyone loves it." which is only an hour away. Now reading it more carefully, it's apparently in Sequim. Which is two hours away, so I'd really like to verify its location before traveling that far. :)

The only other event close to me that I saw listed on this calendar was in Puyallup, and I decided not to spend over an hour in rush hour traffic to go.

I was only diagnosed a little over a month ago, and I was really looking forward to a gluten free picnic, and meeting some fellow Celiacs. So if anyone knows more information about this event, I would really appreciate it.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of support groups that might be closer for me to attend, I'd really appreciate that too. :)

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