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Six Month Bloodwork Results

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My son had his bloodwork done last week, six months after his celiac dx. I am thrilled with the results!

IgA: Jan = 62.8 June = 1.3 (Norm 0.0-10.0)

IgG: Jan = 74.2 June = 6.1 (Norm 0.0-10.0)

tTG IgA Jan = >100 June = 8!!!! (Norm 0.0-0.3)

tTG IgA Jan = 58 June = 14 (Negative <9)

I can't believe his antibiodies that were >100 are now 8!!! 5 more to go and we are within normal levels. I am so incredibly relieved. I feel like a stone wall has been taken off of my shoulders. The never knowing if I'm doing all I can to help my son heal, constant questioning/doubting, etc. WE ARE WINNING! Who knows what another six months will do....hopefully put at least 5lbs and 4 inches on him!! I just wanted to share that it works, it really works and I am so happy that my son is healing. It is empowering to say the least. :D

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That IS good news! I felt the same way when I got my greatly improved bloodwork back after 6 months...the diet really does work! Keep up the good work...you're a great mom!

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