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Target And Archer Farms Products

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I have found it is very easy to find out if Target brand and Archer Farms products are gluten free. Simply call 1-800-440-0680. Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Store/Products Information. The phone tree can be a little annoying, but every single person I have ever spoken with once I get to a live person has been very friendly, understanding and helpful.

If you provide them with the 9 digit product code (and they'll help you locate it on the product), they can look up the information from the manufacturer and tell you whether it definitely has gluten, is gluten free or should be avoided because they just can't tell one way or the other. If they do not have the answer in front of them they will do the research and either call or email you back.

I just got off the phone regarding the Target brand ibuprofen 40 count softgels (code: 094 01 0388)and learned they are gluten free. The customer service representative even took the time to tell me to call back to check every single product even if it is also the same medication with a different pill count or in say a tablet form rather than a softgel.

She assured me these were common questions and expressed her hope that some day gluten content, one way or the other, would be on every product label. I continue to be impressed with their customer service line even if their pharmacists aren't always up to speed.




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Thanks, Ann, that is helpful info. I loce their Dark Chocolate Almonds but am wondering about cross contam.


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FYI - the original post is really old...hopefully their customer service still operates that way!

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